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What Apple Lab repair

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  • Apple Repair Bangladesh Hello Apple user! Here, we come to you with an excellent Apple solution. What kind of Apple machine you using! Is this a MacBook. Is this an iMac. Is this a Mac Pro. iPhone iPad or iPod. Apple TV Apple watch or whatever from Apple. If you are using any of the above device from Apple you need one thing. What is this? You need an Apple servicing centre. You need an Apple repair centre. What is the name of this centre? This is one and only Apple Lab. The only reliable Apple repair centre in Bangladesh so far. For Apple servicing Apple Lab is the most reliable in the country. Apple repair Bangladesh, provided by Apple Lab.

MacBook Motherboard Repair Service

Product Summary

Professional Service: experienced trained technician with licenses.

(Real professional motherboard repair services provider, since 2001)

(One of the earliest company built up the online repair business model)

Fast Service: In most repair cases, it only takes 1-3 business days

The estimated delivery date in the listing is not accurate, it won’t take that long to deliver.

The repair will take a few days only usually.

Free cooling system clean up included, new cooling material will be installed.

HIGH-END EQUIPMENT: all of our equipment are high-end and insured,

(including the advanced Optical BGA rework platforms)

Standard 60 days warranty (some services may come with a longer period, check the listing details)

NO, FIX NO PAY (not even a penny to us, you only pay return shipping 15, rest will be refunded if it can’t be fixed)

About This Service

How do I know if I need this service?

  • 1.NO POWER: computer can’t turn on at all
  • 2.NO DISPLAY: computer turn on with no display, black screen, blank screen, multiple screens
  • 3.Video distortion: video does not display correctly
  • 5.Smoke comes out, sparks
  • 6.Wireless network device doesn’t work
  • 7.Computer power on then off
  • 8.Computer turns on with blue lights but no post
  • 9.OTHERS
(you can also message us if you have questions about this)

Mr.Nazmul Islam Shihab

Apple Lab
ADC Empire Plaza,
2nd Floor 183, Satmosjid Road,12/A
Dhanmondi Dhaka


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