MacBook Air 13″ Logic Board Repair Service

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  • Apple Repair Bangladesh Hello Apple user! Here, we come to you with an excellent Apple solution. What kind of Apple machine you using! Is this a MacBook. Is this an iMac. Is this a Mac Pro. iPhone iPad or iPod. Apple TV Apple watch or whatever from Apple. If you are using any of the above device from Apple you need one thing. What is this? You need an Apple servicing centre. You need an Apple repair centre. What is the name of this centre? This is one and only Apple Lab. The only reliable Apple repair centre in Bangladesh so far. For Apple servicing Apple Lab is the most reliable in the country. Apple repair Bangladesh, provided by Apple Lab.

MacBook Air 13″ Logic Board Repair Service 



Please send a PASSCODE if one present ( for testing purposes ) if you want a WARRANTY*

Repair comes with a 120-day warranty.^see above^



Turnaround is typically 2-5 days on your common repairs. I am a one-man team, please keep that in mind, so at times things can get a little crazy but I do my best to make sure everyone is satisfied. I can promise you, I do very good work with over 10+ years of micro soldering experience. I can promise you your device is in good hands.


This repair only fixes this specific problem, if anything else comes up you will be contacted.


Return shipping is covered.

It’s marked 20 days handling time to account for the time it takes you to ship me the device, that is all.

Our service is for:

1.The liquid was spilled on Macbook
2.MacBook doesn’t turn on
3.MacBook doesn’t charge
4. Facebook doesn’t stay on for long or is in a reboot loop
5.No trackpad/keyboard
6.LCD has an image but no backlight

If your problem is not on the list please Contact Us
Why get your logic board swapped when you can get it fixed.
We don’t offer a quick, cheap, and incorrect done fix. We try to provide a long term repair for your computer, not one that will “make it” a few days after the 180 days have passed.

We repair all models of Apple devices Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone, and iPad.
Our technicians can resolve all kinds of issues in your iDevice liquid damage, no image, no power, not charging, no backlight.
We have a high success rate for our repairs and we try to keep it like that by continuously keeping the knowledge and all the tools up to date and in the market requirements.
We will try to exhaust all efforts and chase every possible solution before we contact you about a replacement board, if we do contact you about a replacement, just know that we have spent countless hours and resources trying to avoid that solution.

Our repair services include

FREE diagnostic
FREE dusting inside the computer
FREE computer assembly

Mr, Shihab
Apple Lab
ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor
183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Call us now: 01715240008



After you have made your purchase, please provide me with the tracking.

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