Dim or Dark Display Repair in Apple MacBook Pro & Air

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  • Apple Repair Bangladesh Hello Apple user! Here, we come to you with an excellent Apple solution. What kind of Apple machine you using! Is this a MacBook. Is this an iMac. Is this a Mac Pro. iPhone iPad or iPod. Apple TV Apple watch or whatever from Apple. If you are using any of the above device from Apple you need one thing. What is this? You need an Apple servicing centre. You need an Apple repair centre. What is the name of this centre? This is one and only Apple Lab. The only reliable Apple repair centre in Bangladesh so far. For Apple servicing Apple Lab is the most reliable in the country. Apple repair Bangladesh, provided by Apple Lab.

Dim Display problem is very common in MacBook

Laptops whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Dim Display occurs when the LED Backlight of the Screen does not glow. This problem generally comes when –


There is liquid spilled out

  • Bad Inverter Circuit – Inverter Circuit is placed on the logic board in MacBook model laptops.
  • Burnt Logic Board or LVDS Cable
  • Bad LVDS Cable or Connector
  • Faulty SMC (System Management Controller)
  • Bad Battery Indicator in MacBook Pro Models

Whichever is the cause we can solve all dim display problems in MacBook Laptops within a few hours?


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Macbook Pro / Air / iMac Repair

Screen RepairLogic Board RepairCharging Port RepairBattery ReplacementSoftware RepairChassis RepairVirus and MalwareLiquid Damage RepairData backupHard Drive replacement and upgradeRAM upgradeKeyboard RepairGraphics Card RepairFront Glass Repair

If your machine is not powering on or have issues with the machine just switching off randomly then the logic board might need to be looked at. Once we find out what chipset is not working we can attempt to fix it. Price start from

If your device has liquid damage we can try and repair the board this process can take 5 days and also we can only offer 1 months warranty due to the natural damaged caused.

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