Macbook Screen Repair

You will be glad to know that . we porovide the flowing repairs of apple lab

If you have been along to Apple direct you will have realised that the only option on offer with the macbook screen repair is a full screen replacement. While this is the only option in a minimal amount of cases, in most cases the screen can be rebuilt with a new LCD, or LED panel. In a lot of cases when it comes to the Macbook unibody 13:, 15, or 17″ its only the glass that has been cracked. In this case we are able to remove the old broken glass panel that is glued into the screen panel and replace it with a fresh spanking new one. many companies will not replace the glass due to the health and safety aspect of shattering glass. We use a unique procedure to carry out this kind of repair

we will give the repair services at a cost on “FACE TO FACE DISCUSSION” . thanks . Md.mehedi hasan

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