Macbook Logic Board Repair Service A1425 A1502 A1278 A1342


macbook Professional  Logic Board/Motherboard Repair Service

  • some common problems
Power issues Video issues Other issues
  • No power at all
  • Shorted circuit/burned out chips
  • charger light runs off when connected
  • Powers on but shuts down immediately
  • Powers on intermittently
  • Can’t charger battery
  • Can’t boot from battery or ac adapter
  • System randomly shuts down


  • No post/no video
  • Powers on with lights blinking but no video
  • Color distortion/white screen/black screen
  • Works on external monitor but not internal screen
  • Scrambled display on the monitor
  • Can’t install video driver
  • Computer fails when doing video related processes
  • Can’t detect usb devices
  • Computer freezes
  • Can’t log into windows
  • Can’t detect hard drive/cd drive
  • Bios password removal
  • Bios crashes/failed during updating
  • Overheating issues
  • Service details
Turn around 1-4 business(depends on the task itself,some special cases may take longer)
(Estimated delivery date on the listing top is NOT accurate. Just ignore it, usually delivery won’t be that late.
usually the repair won’t take that long,the sooner buyers can ship the machine in,the sooner we we can return)
Warranty 90 days unless specified (extended warranty is also available for purchase)
Success Rate Over 95%(one of the companies with best success rate)
Guarantee No FIX NO PAY(a full refund if we can’t fix your motherboard)
  1. customers purchase the service
  2. shipping instruction will be sent,including shipping address
  3. we receive your package and do the repair
  4. return the fixed motherboards/laptops to you

  • High-End Equipments

Having optical BGA rework station, advanced SMD station,advanced oscilloscope and so on, we are equiped with the most advanced tools and equipments to do the repairs with the advanced technology.

Replace your old chipsets with a brand new one,even an upgraded one?no problem. re-chip your old chipset with lead-free solder balls? no problem. clean your liquid spilled motherboard with the ultrasonic machine?no problem.with all these high-end equipments,we can promise your the excellent quality of our repair work.


  • Experienced Trained Technicians

We are one of the ealiest computer repair company doing motherboard level repair since 2001.Not only with licenses,our technicians are also very experienced.They are all specialists in motherboard repair field. We have all the experiences needed to fix any issue that you may have with your laptop.Over 95% repair rate, we are currently one of motherboard repair compaines with the best repair rate.

  • Business Connection

We have direct relationship with a lot of chipsets and parts suppliers,some are even from abroad,which can ensure the best quality and prices of the parts that we use for the repair. we can also special order some rare parts for customers, even they may not be available in the apple lab

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