Macbook Liquid Spillage Repairs

You will be glad to know that we porovide the flowing repairs in apple lab

What to do if liquid/water gets into your Mac

macebook water damage repair

**Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Immediately Shut down your Mac by the power button, unplug the magasafe mains adaptor right away.

**Keep the Macbook open and turn it upside down (the best option is to lay it flat on a towel.
Next your going to need to remove or disconnect the battery. If its the pre unibody

**Macbook or Macbook pro then you can easily remove the battery from the bottom with a small coin. If however you have a Macbook unibody (this is a macbook with black keys) you will need to remove the bottom plate with a philips screw driver then disconnect the battery from the logic board. Unfortunately you will not be able to remove the battery in these models as you would need Apple’s issued Penelope screw driver.

Store your Macbook in a warm dry place like an airing cupboard for 24 hours.

Finally Contact us with full details of what has happened and we can arrange for a full inspection.

we will give the repair services at a cost on “FACE TO FACE DISCUSSION” . thanks Md.mehedi hasan

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