MacBook Air 13 2010-2016 Repair options

MacBook Air 13 2010-2016 Repair options

Repair options

OS X Optimisation, updates and repair LCD screen replacement Keyboard replacement service Touchpad replacement Liquid damage repair Battery replacement Logic board repair Fan and overheating repair Data recovery from internal storage Aluminium body repairs Diagnostic service
OS X Optimisation, updating and repairWe can optimise your Mac to work as fast as it used to when you bought it.

Choose this service if your Mac freezed on the Apple logo, runs too slow, frequently crashes or you see the question mark instead the Apple logo.

All those issues should be solved within only 1 day!

MacBook or iMac broken screen repairBroken screen or front glass on your Mac ?

If you can see physical damage to the glass, ink marks same as on this picture or vertical lines we can fix your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air within 2-3 days. For some models we have LCD screens available now but most of them needs 2 or 3 days to be ordered.

The costing will be finalized on “FACE TO FACE ” Discussion. Plese do viset us.thanks
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