Repair options Apple Lab

We the Apple Lab in Bangladesh providing the service to you only on Mac and Apple devices. We provides service to all aspects of MacBook, IMac, IPad, IPod, IPhone and other related products from Apple. We repair all issues of Apple products.We diagnose accurately and done the job correctly. Our Specialist engineers able to fix your machine within the same day. We call you if any replacement needed. Apple lab always thinks that to giving you the service with a cost effective manner and also efficient manner. We [...]

Mac Pro repair Bangladesh

If you are a Mac Pro user as a professional your Mac Pro can slow down any time or stop working all together in any issue. If your warranty is expire, the cost of repairing of Your Mac Pro may high in amount to the Apple authorized repair center in Bangladesh but the Apple Labis very fastest and cost effective to the clients. So you are thinking where you may go to repair your Mac Pro? The team at Apple Lab gets [...]

Mac screen repair Dhaka

Mac screen repair Dhaka is a unique service providing by Apple Lab in Bangladesh in your home door or your office and business place. Not only the screen repair we offer a low pricing replacement also to the clients that make a difference to the others. We repair or replace all aspects of MacBook till date include the IMac, IPad, and IPhone also. Other popular kinds of screen repairs we carry out are on the white and black MacBookmodels (pre-unibody models 2006 2008). Are [...]

Logic board repair Dhaka

Nothing happen on your IMac it was running in good condition but have you ever considered what you would do if you went to turn on your IMac and it didn’t work? You check the power and check all other options as you know and the IMac is plugged in and yet the IMac will not function. The worst problem that you can experience as a IMac user is that your IMac will not turn on or function and all together it [...]

Repair MacBook OS X Dhaka

Here at Apple Lab our technicians are able to off you a full range of software support packages for you Macintosh home or business computer in your home or our lab. Our engineers are fully update with all the ins and outs of the full range of Apple operating systems, including: OS 9, OS X Panther, OS X Tiger, OS X Leopard, OS X Snow Leopard. If you are having a software problem with your Mac then get in contact today. We [...]

Repair MacBook not turningon

You are trying to turning on but your MacBook not turning on? Maybe it turns on but doesn’t start up afterwards or turns off briefly after you turn it on? This is more common than you may think but many things can often happen in your MacBook. There are many different problems that can prevent your MacBook from turning on and we repair them all at our lab on a daily basis. What is the cause? In our country [...]

Battery for Battery for MacBook Pro Retina 13”

PRODUCT DETAILS Compatible Brand: For Apple Brand: LMP Compatible Product Line: For Apple MacBook Pro Retina Color: Black MPN: 14399 UPC: 7640113431693 NOTE : # You can gate a brand new an original Battery for MacBook Pro Retina 13” from us. # If you want to set it in your macbook we will give you the best service. # The cost will be finalized on "Face to Face" discussion. # Service charge BDT 500/00. THANK YOU (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

iPhone Repair Service Dhaka

At Mac-Repair-Service, we professional, reliable and fast iPhone repair services at reasonable prices. Is your iPhone out of order? Do you have no idea what on earth has happened to it? Some of the most common iPhone repair services we offer are: Screen repair / replacement Home Button Power Button Charging Port Front & Rear Cameras Side Buttons / Mute Ear Speaker Battery Loudspeaker Water Damage Headphone Port Microphone Our Professional team at Mac-Repair-Service can fix any iPhone .These devices contain tiny and fragile components, so iPhone repairs requires special training, tools and [...]


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