Apple Mac Screen Repairs

You will be glad to know that we porovide the flowing repairs in apple lab

1.OS Reinstallation
2,LED Replacement
3.Logic Board Damaged
4.Grapic Card Faulty
5.KeyBoard Replacement
WiFi Card no signal
Battery (unibody)
If your screen is smashed or damaged it will obviously require replacement, but if it has failed it may not, there are a number of other (and usually cheaper) components that can cause a screen to fail or to go very dark. Simply ordering a new screen will not necessarily resolve the problem, so we would advise sending the Apple Mac in for repair. Unlike many laptop parts, screen parts are very often interchangeable between models. We hold large stocks of new and used screens and machines for spares, and it is often cheaper to send the laptop in for repair, rather than to attempt the repair yourself, as we can select an alternative replacement panel.
Once we receive the machine we will be able to give you an accurate price for repair.

Your Mac diagnostics, analysis and quote are free of fee. Apple Lab has a very high success rate at repairs and offers hassle free warranty on all repairs. MacBook freeze repair specialist, the perfect solution for your MacBook.

we will give the repair services at a cost on “FACE TO FACE DISCUSSION” . thanks Md.mehedi hasan

ADC Emprie plaza, 2nd floor
183,Satmosjid Road,12/A
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

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